We perform all major disciplines of NDT.

We continually upgrade on developments

in quality assurance standards and principles

by attending courses, seminars

and working with consultants.


Radiography Inspection

Pipeline new construction, Pipeline/vessel modifications, Pipeline/vessel corrosion monitoring, Pipeline/vessel shadow shots, Pipeline elliptical shots, Pipeline hot tap NDT, Pipeline hot tie-ins, socket weld gap shots, concrete lined partial penetration butt welds, structural concrete utility locating.


Ultrasonic Inspection

Pipeline/vessel angle beam flaw detection, Pipeline/vessel thickness gauging, Pipeline/vessel corrosion monitoring/surveys, Pipeline/vessel automated TOFD pipeline inspection, Pipeline hot tie-ins.


Magnetic Practical Inspection

Pipeline/vessel crack monitoring in multi pass welding procedures, Pipeline/vessel weld’O’let inspection, Pipeline/vessel thread’O’let inspection, Pipeline/vessel socket welds, Pipeline/vessel structural/supports crack monitoring/locating, Vessel fire-tube crack monitoring/locating, treater/vessel crack locating pre/post repair.


Dye Penetrant Inspection

Used manly in non-ferrous environments and where MT can not be practically utilized.


Specialty Inspection

Automatic Ultrasonic Testing, Positive Material Identification, Visual Inspection, Ferrite Testing, Hardness testing


Special Projects

Aztec Inspection develop a NDT scan tool for the examination of polyethylene high density heat fused pipe. The inspection requirement is to verify the complete fusion of mitred pipe to pipe joints. This project required in-house R&D.